2-Controlware Compliance is a plug & play add-on and is easy to install in your Dynamics NAV environment.

In some cases it is necessary to adjust some standard Dynamics NAV objects to activate the functionalities of the modules. This chapter describes how you can execute the installation of the software and how you can adjust some standard Dynamics NAV objects to activate the 2-Controlware functionalities. The installation of the software and the adjustment of some standard Dynamics NAV objects is at this moment only possible through the Classic environment, because the development environment is not approachable from the role tailored client.

Steps for installation

Before installation make sure that you did receive the right license and 2-Controlware objects (.fob extension) from your Dynamics NAV partner or 2-Control.

1. Import the license that is provided by your Dynamics NAV partner to access the necessary granules.

2. Import the 2-Controlware objects with the .FOB extension with the Object Designer to install the software in you Dynamics NAV Client.

3. Compile the imported objects.

  • Tip! Adjust a filter in the Object Designer to '*2C*' in the field Name to get an overview of 2-Controlware objects.
  • Select the filtered objects and compile them (F11).

4. Compile also all MenuSuites together to rebuild the menu including the compliance software.

5. Additionally to the installation of the 2-Controlware modules the steps in Merge 2-Controlware code in NAV 3.xx-2009 or Merge 2-Controlware code in NAV 2013 up to including 2015 (modules Field and Dataset Security and Mandatory Fields) and in Activate 2-Controlware Inventory Reconciliation (Dynamics NAV version 3.xx, 4.xx and 5.xx) (module Inventory Reconciliation in NAV 3.xx/4.xx) need to be executed. * If multiple NAV-addons are active, you should also readCustomize NAV for use with multiple addons .

6. If Field and Dataset Security and/or Mandatory Fields are to be used, basic permissions need to be set up.Refer to Required Authorizations for 2-Controlware.

7. 2-Controlware needs setup in the module itself. Refer to General Compliance Setup of 2-Controlware for more information.

8. Several modules need seperate setup, like number series. Refer to the individual setup documentation of the modules.

Note:We recommend to test the installation of 2-Controlware in a test environment

Customization for Field and Dataset Security

Apply customization to pages (and forms) to use non-editable (grayed down) or invisible field and dataset security settings with the module 2-Controlware Field and Dataset Security.

Customization for Cost Allocation

To be able to create Cost Allocations from purchase invoices or credit memos your Microsoft NAV Partner needs to customize some lines in some objects.

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