On this page you wil find the most Frequently Asked Questions about 2-Controlware.

With the Field & Dataset security module you can refine authorizations to field and dataset level. For example, you can easily split the permissions for different documents. It is an addition to Authorization Box and enables you the apply ‘waterproof’ segregation of duties in Dynamics NAV.

The Mandatory fields module makes it possible to have fields filled in compulsorily or to let them be filled in using predefined values. This prevents incomplete data and gaps in your internal data processing.

The latest version can be requested from your Microsoft Dynamics Partner or downloaded from our web portal.

Installations of our extensions are updated automatically as we release a new version. For on-premise installations of our extensions we provide updates on our support portal: 2-control.nl/en/webportal/.

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(NAV 2016 and higher)

This is possible with Field and Dataset security. This module allows you to easily split up the permissions for different documents.

This means, that a user has to have two permissions to i.e. write to a table: first the indirect permission to write to the table and then the right to execute an object, that itself has the permission to write directly to the table.

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