Get started

To start using 2-Controlware (2CW), we provide the following documentation to get started with the module:

  • What's New: Periodically we release a new version of 2CW with new features and bug fixes. In the What's New section you can find release notes.
  • Installation: All information related to installation and basic setup can be found here.
  • Merging legacy systems: Contains all information about merging 2-Controlware code in your Dynamics environment (NAV 2015 and earlier).
  • Keyboard shortcuts: An overview of all relevant shortcuts in 2-Controlware.
  • FAQ: We receive frequently asked questions through our service desk. An overview can be found on this page.
  • Troubleshooting: Do you have problems while working with 2CW? Then you can go to this page for common problems and find how to troubleshoot issues.
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