General Compliance Setup

This setup can be done after importing and compiling the objects and when a correct license is active.

In this window you can manage the general setup of the 2-Controlware Compliance add-on.

Calculation of Change log

Some partners experienced problems with the calculation of the change log functionality in our codeunit 2C Trigger Management. We added a Compliance Setup function with which you can optionally turn this calculation off and perform the calculation of the change log functionality on another place (such as codeunit 1).

The following options are available:

  1. Codeunit 2CW: perform the calculation of the change log in codeunit 2C Trigger Management (default setting)
  2. Codeunit 1: disable calculation in codeunit 2C Trigger Management. If you setup the value of this field to Codeunit 1, the changelog functionality has to be called in codeunit 1. Check if the changelog still functions correctly. If not, please contact your partner.

2-Controlware can use account group membership from Active Directory in the modules Authorization Management and Authorization Monitoring. This information is retrieved from the AD on demand, but it can also be retrieved on regular basis by setting the field Process with Job Scheduler.

The field Last Update presents only the moment of the last complete update.

By entering a value in the field Maximum Result LDAP Query the number of results from a LDAP query might be limited. In large environments a LDAP query might return an unexpected large number of results, which could create an overflow in Dynamics NAV.

If you add a condition to the check moment, you can modify the validation field to empty. Simply deleting the field is, depending on the field type, not always enough. Sometimes a value is required. We have compiled a list of empty values, but you can modify the values if necessary.

Modify on the FastTab Default Empty Values the initial settings for empty values.

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