How to: Create an Organizational Role

You can use Organizational Roles (formerly user profiles) to group roles to an organization function. This way you can easily authorize users.

This procedure explains how you can create an Organizational Role and how to link Permission Sets (formerly user roles).

To create an Organizational Role within the NAV compliance add-on, go to Departments > Compliance > Security > Authorization Management > Organizational Roles. In this screen you have a overview of al the defined Organizational Roles.

You can edit Organizational Roles or create new Organizational Roles. To create a new Organizational Role click New (or Ctl + n).

1. Complete the following fields in the header:

  • Organizational Role: Clearly and recognizable code,
  • Description: e.g. Purchase Employee.

2. Link Permission Sets: Click in the sub window Permission Sets on arrow down button in field Permission Set ID to select the Permission Set you want to link.Repeat this activity till you have linked all desired Permission Dets.With the option All Companies it is possible to indicate that the Permission Set applies to all Companies. This option overrules the company authorization of the Organizational Role.

3. Link users: Click in the sub window Users on the arrow down button in the field User ID to select a user you want to link.Complete (optional) for the user the fields:

  • Company(Group): Add a company name to set company specific security. If it is empty the security is for all companies.
  • Starting Date: Used for starting the assignment of the Permission Sets at a specified date.
  • Ending Date: Used for ending the assignment of the Permission Sets at a specified date.

Repeat this activity till you have linked all desired users, it is possible to link database and windows logins in this window.

After all applicable Permission Sets and users are linked to the Organizational Role, the profile can be released after acceptance by the organization. A released Organizational Role cannot be modified.

Release the organizational role by selecting Actions > Functions > Release (or Ctrl+F9).

You can only release (and synchronize) Organizational Roles if all linked Permission Sets are released. Inspect Manage Permission Sets.

A released Organizational Role should be synchronized to activate the authorizations for the linked users. Only Organizational Roles with statuses Released or Synchronized can be synchronized.

Synchronizing actually assigns the Permission Sets to user accounts as configured in the Organizational Roles. Synchronizing a link which is already assigned reapplies the setup to the user account.

You can synchronize the current Organizational Role by selecting Actions > Functions > Synchronize Organizational Role (or F9). The field Sync Status on the header changes from To be synchronized to Synchronized All.

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