How to: Solve a Permission error

It is possible that error messages arise in the Permission Sets that you have included in your Dynamics Environment (or Authorization Box). In this Walkthrough, you will learn how to resolve an error message from a Permission Set with too few permissions.

In this Example, the Permission Set 2C-SLS-ORDER is added to the user. When you go to Sales Order and click on the ‘New’ Button in the Dynamics Environment, the error message below will appear.

The message indicates that the user has no Modify permissions on the header of the Sales Order. However, It is desirable to be able to create a sales order, the permissions must be added to the Permission Set 2C-SLS-ORDER.

To add access permissions to the Permission Set, the following steps must be completed:

Step 1: Right at the top of your Dynamics environment, search for ‘Permission Sets’ and click on it.

Step 2: Select the Permission Set you want to edit (in this example 2C-SLS-ORDER) and click on Permissions.

Step 3: You can now add the necessary objects from the error message. You do this by choosing Object Type: Table Data. Via Object ID you can search for the required table (Object Name) to which you want to give permissions (in this case: Object ID 36 Sales Header).

Step 4: You need Modify permissions to create a Sales Order. Under Insert Permission, click the down arrow and then click ‘Yes’. It may happen that you want to set the permissions to ‘Indirect’, but in this example we choose ‘Yes’ because the user must be able to create a Sales Order directly.

The error message from this example has now been resolved. If you are going to resolve error messages, it is important that you know which table (Object Name) appears in the message. You also need to know which permissions you want to add (Read, Insert, Modify, Delete or Execute).

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