How to: Export Authorization Matrices to Excel

With the option Export Authorization matrices to Excel you can view the authorization setup in Excel. Both, roles per profile and users per profile might be exported. Furthermore, you can filter on Permission Sets, Permission Sets per Organizational Role, Organizational Role, Users per Organizational Role and Users.

Requirements for export authorization matrices to Excel are:

  • Excel 2010 SP2 or newer is required for export to work.
  • Server file access by C/AL functions needs to be enabled on the service tier.

To export the Authorization matrices to Excel go to Departments > Compliance > Security > Authorization Management. Click on Export Authorization matrices to Excel.

In the next screen you have four options:

  • Export User per Organizational Role,
  • Export Permission Sets per Organizational Role,
  • Export User per Permission Set,
  • Expand Groups.

You have also the option to set specific filters. If all the filters are set, click OK for export to Excel.

Also you can set filters in the menu. There are options to set filters for: Permission Set, User Role per User Profile, User and User per User Profile.

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