Setup Authorization Management Pro

To configure default settings of the module Authorization Management Pro:

1. Open the window Authorization Management Pro Setup by selecting menu Departments - Compliance - Security - Authorization Management Pro - Setup - Authorization Management Pro Setup.

2. The FastTab General contains the following fields:

  • Authorization Dimension: The dimension on which authorizations are granted. A line for this dimension is added to the request by default.
  • Dimension 1 Code: Used on the header of Organization Dimension Value.
  • Dimension 2 Code: Used on the header of Organization Dimension Value.
  • Process With Job Scheduler: Mark this field to automatically process non-processed authorizations requests and / or employee authorizations.For explanation of the Job Scheduler see Work with Job Scheduler.
  • Automatic Process Auth. Req.: Mark this field to automatically process non-processed authorization requests. Only requests with status Released, and if approval is used status Approved, will be processed.
  • Last Update: shows the date and time of the last update. * Use Approva: check this field to use the approval step in processing authorization requests.

Note that from Dynamics NAV 2016 and up the default workflow functionality is used. Approval of authorization requests requires setup in the Dynamics NAV workflow configuration. The fields User Approval and Approval Officer are not present in the Authorization Management Pro setup in those versions.

  • Approval Officer: Select the role with permissions to approve requests in the field Approval Officer. Only users linked to this role are allowed to approve requests in the Authorization Request window.
  • Employee No. Key Definition: Select the appropriate key definition to generate new employee numbers.
  • No. of Bold Levels Org. Structure: this field contains the number of levels to be shown bold in the organization structure.

3. Assign on the FastTab Numbering the number ranges used for:

  • Authorizations Request Nos.
  • Employee Authorization Nos.
  • Authorization Template Nos.
  • Master Template Nos.

You can use these number ranges to assign numbers automatically.

  1. The window Employee Authorization shows on FastTab Integration employee-related fields. Besides these fields (of standard Dynamics NAV tables) you can define 3 fields to be shown on the employee authorizations. Select on FastTab Flexible Key Fields the tables and fields to be used.
  2. FastTab Synchronization shows the date and time of the previous synchronization of the standard Dynamics NAV user tables.
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