Work with Authorization Actions

Authorizations are granted based on selecting the appropriate organization dimension value (e.g. function) for the employee. You can assign authorization actions to organization dimension values.

1. Open the window Organization Dim. Value by selecting menu Departments - Compliance - Security - Authorization Management Pro - Organization Structure - Organization Structure.

2. Select the line and open the card by (Related Information, Dimension, Dimension Value Card).

3. In the sub window of the window Organization Dim. Value you can select the actions to be performed.

4. Select the type of action. There are 3 types of actions:

  • Template: authorization template or master authorization template (as defined in Authorization Actions).
  • Batch: batch action (see Authorization Actions).
  • Organizational Role(formerly user profiles):grouped permission sets (formerly user roles) as defined in the 2-Controlware module Authorization Management (see Organizational Roles).

To enter a comment-line for readability leave the type blank.

5. You can define the action at the following moments:

  • Execute for Starting Date
  • Execute for Ending Date
  • Modify Record(s): check this field to modify the existing record at ending date.Otherwise the record will be deleted.
  • Execute for Replacement
  • Modify Replacement Record(s): check this field to modify the existing record at ending date of the replacement.Otherwise the record will be deleted.

6. In the header of the organization dimension value you can optionally select a default company or company group to limit the execution of the templates and profiles to those companies. The company(group) can always be changed at the authorization request lines.

7. The option Copy Menu From User ID allows you to copy the Navigation Pane of a certain key user in the Classic client.

Pre en post-actions

Besides the authorization actions based on the organization dimension value there are often actions to be performed for every authorization request. These are called pre and post actions. Pre actions are executed before the request, post actions are executed after the request.

  1. Open the window Pre and Post Actions by selecting Departments - Compliance - Security - Authorization Management Pro - Authorization Actions - Pre and Post Actions.
  2. In addition to the fields as described in Authorization Actions per Organization Dimension Value you have to indicate per line the running order (pre or post).

Batch actions are used to execute reports or codeunits. You can use these to perform functions of add-ons. You can link the employee authorization header or line to the report or codeunit.

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