Work with Authorization Templates

In this chapter you can read about (Master) Authorization Templates and Key definitions.

Authorization Templates are used to flexibly setup user related tables in Dynamics NAV, including add-on's / customization and to define how you want the records to be filled. There are two kinds of authorization templates. A master template is linked to a normal template. The master template can be used to assign the generic fields (for all users), including the key fields of the table. The specific fields for some users can then be assigned by using normal templates.

1. Open the window Authorization Templateby selecting menu Departments - Compliance - Security - Authorization Management Pro - Authorization Actions - Authorization Templates.

2. Setup the following fields in the header:

  • Code: Automatic and / or manual, based on the number series settings.
  • Description: Enter a clear description of the template.
  • Validate Table Trigger: Uncheck this field if you want to disable the validation checks at input.
  • Table ID: Select the ID of the table that you want add records to by using the template.

3. In the sub window of the window Authorization Template you can select the fields to be filled. You can select the following sources for a value of the field:

  • Value: Enter a fixed value.
  • Multiple Values: Enter multiple fixed values by using Actions (Alt+F10), Line, Linked Values or function keys Ctrl+F7.
  • Formula: Use a date formula.
  • Employee Authorization Header: Select a field of the employee authorization header.
  • Organization Dimension Value: Use the organization dimension value of the authorization request line.
  • No. Series: If the field Key Field of the line is marked, you can choose No. Series to use the number series of the table you have selected in the header.
  • Key Definition: Select a key definition. To define key definitions see below.

The structure of the master template is the same as above.

Note! When setting up a master template, the key of this template is leading. If there are already templates set up for the same table, you have to remove the key fields from these templates.

You can define key definitions based on (parts of) fields of the authorization request header. To define the key definition open the window Key Definitionby selecting menu Departments - Compliance - Security - Authorization Management Pro - Authorization Actions - Key Definitions.

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