Authorization Management Pro

Authorization requests have an effect on many user related tables. Our plug & play Authorization Management Pro module helps you to easily create all the necessary authorizations from one central point.

You can read the following about Authorization Management Pro in our documentation:

The starting point of Authorization Management Pro is the translation of your organization to Dynamics NAV. This because the definition of which user related tables should be created can always be derived from the organization structure. In our module you can easily, flexibly and hierarchically define your organization structure in the way that suits your organization best.

Next, you have to define which user related tables you want to setup. With Authorization Management Pro you can flexibly define authorization templates for every table in Dynamics NAV, including add-on's / customization and define how you want the records to be filled. This offers a powerful instrument with which you can define all actions that should be performed.

You can link the setup templates to the organization structure, thereby defining which actions should be executed when a new user is hired. Furthermore, you can define which organizational role (formerly user profile) the user should have and optionally you can define batch actions that should be executed.

After the initial setup, authorizing new users requires almost no manual input. You, or even the manager, can define an authorization request and define for which place of the organization structure the new user should be authorized. Next, you only have to process the authorization request and all the linked actions are automatically executed. The module offers approval functionality for e.g. managers. Furthermore, you can also setup authorizations in the future, for instance leaving employees. With our job scheduler functionality you can automatically process each authorization request that had to be processed based on starting and ending dates. This makes it possible to define future authorizations without having to think about effectuating them.

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