How to: View Authorization Request History of an User

Navigate to Departments - Compliance - Security - Authorization Management Pro- Processed Authorization Requests to view the History Of Processed Authorization Requests.

In this overview you can inspect each Processed Authorization Request. To view specific request, you can use the standard filter function.

This screen contains the following columns:

  • No.: Number of the Authorization Request
  • Type: The type which contains the Authorization Request. This can be New Employee, Mutation, Leaving Employee, Job replacement
  • Name: The name of the user within the Authorization Request
  • Employee No.: The Employee number of the user within the Authorization Request
  • User ID: The User ID of the user within the Authorization Request
  • Status: Shows the status of the Authorization Request.
  • Last Modified By: This user created the Authorization Request.
  • Last Date modified: This is the last day the Authorization Request was modified.
  • Company (Group): This is an optional field. it shows the company (group) within the Authorization Request.
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