Setup Mandatory Fields

To make use of Field & Dastaset Security you need the folllowing permissions.

In the window Mandatory Field Setup you define the setup to work correctly with the module Mandatory Fields.

  1. Open the window Mandatory Field Setup.

  1. Enter on the FastTab General the Permission Set (formerly user role) that represents the “Security Officer” of the company. The Security Officer is authorized to create and link data owners to new mandatory field per table.

  1. Assign on the FastTab Numbering the number ranges used for mandatory fields. You can use these number ranges to assign numbers to the mandatory fields cards.

For avoiding performance issues, the module Mandatory Fields should not be used for all tables. In the Table Categories all standard tables of Dynamics NAV are categorized and if applicable blocked for mandatory fields. An import file with the default Dynamics NAV tables is provided by your Dynamics NAV partner. The import file also defines some of the linked forms to be used in the window Mandatory Fields Check Overview.

This procedure explains how you can import and define table categories.

Follow the steps below to define table categories:

  1. Open the window Table Categories by selecting Departments - Compliance - Security - Field and Dataset Security - Setup - Table Categories.

  1. Import the table categories by selecting Actions, Functions, Fill Table Categories.
  2. Press Ctrl+N to create a table category.
  3. Select in the field Table ID the table you want to add. The field Table Name is filled automatically.
  4. Check the field Blocked if this table should not be used in field and dataset securities or for mandatory fields.
  5. Enter in the field Module to which Dynamics NAV module the table applies.
  6. Select the field Table Type the table type that applies to the table.
  7. Use Related Information, Line, Linked Forms to modify the linked forms to be used in the Mandatory Fields Check Overview. Select 0 in Filter Field No. to define a form for all fields of a table.Or use a filter field and filter value.

Note! This table is also used for the module Field and Dataset Security. The option Departments - Line, Linked Formsis not applicable for the module Field and Dataset Security.

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