Work with Mandatory Fields

The Mandatory Fields module offers also a detective functionality, with which you can easily check if the set up mandatory fields are correctly filled on all current records (existing data).

1. Open the window Mandatory Fields and select Actions, Functions, Check Table. This function calculates the window Mandatory Fields Check Overview (with a mandatory fields filter).

The calculation can also be executed directly from the window Mandatory Fields Check Overview (no filter).
Notice that the field Calculated is checked. It shows whether the information in the window is up to date or not. To navigate in the overview (expand/collapse) right-click on the indentation mark.

Standard Dynamics NAV does not offer functionality to ensure they fill in the data completely (mandatory fields). With our Mandatory Fields module, you can set up mandatory fields per table. When users modify a record in the table the module checks if all fields are filled correctly, ensuring the quality of your data is of the standard you desire.

This procedure describes how mandatory fields per table can be managed with the module Mandatory Fields.

Follow the steps below to create a new mandatory field card:

1. Open the window Mandatory Fields. The mandatory fields per table can be managed in this window (insert, modify or delete).

2. Insert a mandatory field card for a table by pressing Ctrl+N. Note! Only the Security Officer is entitled to create a card.
3. Complete the following fields in the header.

  • No.: Automatic and / or manual, based on the number series settings.
  • Description: Enter a reason for choosing the fields.
  • Table ID: Select the ID of the table that you want to monitor. Blocked tables in the Table Categories cannot be used for mandatory fields. If you select a table that is not categorized you will receive a message.

Click Yes if you are sure that you want to setup mandatory fields for this table.

  • Filter Field No. and Filter Field Value. : You can make the mandatoy field definition applicable to a subset of the table. Select the field to filter out the records the mandatory field definition applies to and enter the filter value. Enter field number 0 to not use the filter option.
  • Validation Type: The validation can be preventive:
    • Error: display error message and rollback the changes.
    • Warning: display warning message, change value of validation field to the indicated value (and store the changes).

Detective: analyze which records do not apply to the defined specifications by using Actions, Functions, Check Table. Or No message: display no message if the field contents are modified by the module. This way, values can be modified automatically without interrupting the user.

4. Data Owner: Select the Permission Set (formerly user role) of the Data Owner of the table. The Data Owner is entitled to manage the mandatory fields for the table. The mandatory fields for the table are not applicable for the Data Owner. Only the Security Officer is entitled to assign a Data Owner to a mandatory field card or to create a one.
5. Company: If this field is blank, the mandatory fields definition applies to all companies. If a company is selected the definition only applies to that company.
6. Valid for Permission Set ID: If this field is blank, the definition applies to all users. If a permission set is selected the definition only applies to users linked to that permission set.
7. Start Date: Enter the date from which the mandatory fields apply (required).
8. End Date: Enter the date until which the mandatory fields apply (optional).

Select Checks
On FastTab Triggers you can define the moment to check for mandatory fields: at insertion and / or modification of a record.

In the sub window of the window Mandatory Fields, fields of the table can be selected to be mandatory fields.

  1. Add a line per field and add the conditions to check on. Optionally enter a description for the line.
  2. The following checks are available
    • Not Blank
    • Minimum and Maximum Length
    • Minimum and Maximum Value
    • Equal To
    • Not Equal To
  3. The conditions depend on the field type. The check Not Blank is availble for all field types. The other conditions are available for:
Field Type Length Value (Not) Equal To
Code x x
Text x x
Integer x
Decimal x

Note! The check (Not) Equal To is treated as a filter.

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