How to: Setup a Mandatory Field

1. Open the window Mandatory Fields and open de list Mandatory Fields. Click on New to create a new Mandatory field.

Complete the nessecary General fields. In this example we are creating a mandatory regarding the vendorcard. the validation type return an error and rollsback the complete card.

Note! Don't forget the field “Valid for permission Set ID”. If you leave this blank, the definition applies to all users, instead it only applies to users with the specific Permission Set.

After the General informatie, we need to define the fields. In this example it is required to fill the following fields: Name, Address, City, Phone No. and VAT Registration No with 11 charactars.

After defining the lines, we have to fill the last 2 fasttabs. In this example we are not using the Conditional tab but only the Triggers tab. The Triggers tab defines the moment to check the mandatory fields.

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