Mandatory Fields

Standard Dynamics NAV does not offer functionality to ensure users fill in the data completely (mandatory fields). With our Mandatory Fields module, you can set up mandatory fields per table. When users modify a record in the table the module checks if all fields are filled correctly, ensuring the quality of your data is of the standard you desire.

You can read the following about Mandatory Fields in our documentation:

Subsets of table

By using a filter you can make the mandatory field definition only applicable for a subset of records within the table.

Error message or warning

Mandatory Fields can be setup in different varieties. You can set up mandatory fields as a warning, which means the user receives a warning if not all fields are filled, but the user can still save the record. The other variant is the error message, with which the user receives an error message and cannot save the record until all mandatory fields are filled correctly.

Conditional checks

You can also add a condition to the check moment. This variant allows you to modify the validation field to a certain value. Conditional checks can be combined with error messages or warnings.

Analyze the quality of your data

The above mentioned functionality considers all preventive checks. However, organizations also want to be able to check their current data. The Mandatory Fields module offers also a detective functionality, with which you can easily check if the set up mandatory fields are correctly filled on all current records.

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