Setup Inventory Reconciliation

In the window Reconciliation Setup you can define the setup for the module Inventory Reconciliation. Follow the steps below to setup the module Inventory Reconciliation:

  1. Open the window Reconciliation Setup by selecting Departments - Compliance - Control - Reconciliation - Inventory Reconciliation - Setup - Reconciliation Setup.
  2. Enter in the field Inventory Post Code the source code that is used for inventory postings: select the same code as selected for Inventory Post Cost in menu Departments - Financial Management - Setup - Trail Codes - Source Code Setup (most common: English: “INVTPCOST” / Dutch: “VOORWDEBKN”).

  1. Select Actions, Functions, Setup Default Reasons Skipped Value Entry and Setup Default Reasons Skipped G/L Entry. In the FastTabs Skipped Value Entry and Skipped G/L Entry Dynamics NAV automatically fills the default reason codes, that are used for skipping value and G/L Entries.

Only appliciable for Dynamics NAV version 3.x:

Set up parameters for posting of expected costs to G/L.

  1. Open the window Expected Cost Posting to G/L by selecting Compliance - Setup - Expected Cost Posting to G/L.
  2. Enter which value entry range the expected costs were posted to the G/L (usually applicable for all entries from number 1).
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