General Setup

In the menu Setup, General you can enter the setup of your Authorization Box environment.

In the menu Setup, General you will find your own Customer settings, Contracts, Databases and Authorization Box users. With the Edit button on top you can change some of your Customer Settings.

Customer screens:

  • Contact name: Name of the contact
  • Contact Email Address: Email Address of the contact
  • Contact Phone Number: Phone Number of the contact
  • Default overwrite Current Permissions: When you activate this setting (and save it) the system will set this default to all users. It means that when you assign an organization role to a user the system will overwrite all his current permissions that are not linked to an assigned Organization Role.
  • Company required in Authorization Requests: When you activate this setting (and save it) the system will check on Company or Company Group in the Authorization Request.
  • Connector Type: Version of the Authorization Box connector that is installed.

Under Contracts you are able to see which contracts you have with 2-Control. The number after “Contracts” shows the active contracts

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