Work with Database Connections

In your Contract is defined how many Dynamics NAV database connections you can support with the Authorization Box. For example you are able to set up a database connection with your Production environment and another with the Test environment. Go to Setup, Generaland Press the Newbutton under Databases to setup a new Database Connection.

  • Database Name: Enter the name for this database connection
  • Connection URL: You can find your Connection URL in the Webservices page in Dynamics NAV (Objectname ABWebService)
  • Authentication Method: Select the method of authentication, depending on the authentication method the following field wil visible
  • Domain: Enter the domain
  • Key Code:The code from the multiconnector
  • User: The User is for the communication between the Authorization Box and Dynamics and needs SUPER permissions
  • Password: Enter the password from the User that is used
  • Dynamics Connection unavailable: Will be on if there is no connection between the Authorization Box and Business Central
  • Dynamics connection is disabled: With this function it is possible to diable the Dynamics connection. This connection wil than not be syncronised any more.
  • Use NTLM: Activate NTLM only if your service tier has NTLM enabled
  • Default overwrite Current Permissions: With this function the current permissions in Business Central will be overwrite by the Authorization Box

Test the connection with the button Test connection. If the connection is successful you cansavethe settings with the buttonSave & Close.

Unavailable Connection

After an error in the connection the system will block the synchronizations. The Manager of the Authorization Box will get a notification from this.

To restore the connection you have to fix the connection problem. After that open the the database connection by clicking on the database name. Disable the option NAV connection unavailableand test the connection with the buttonTest connection.If the test is successful you can Save the settings. You are also able toSave an Process Authorizations(that were not processed because of the connection error).This can take some time.

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