Work with Permission Sets

You can view the Permission Sets in the Authorization Box from the menu Authorization Framework, Permission Sets. The system will present all the Permission Sets from the linked Business Central 365 database. By clicking on a Permission Set you will get the details.

  • Objects: Object with permissions linked to the Permission Set
  • Users: Users with this Permission Set
  • Organization Roles: Organization Roles with this Permission Set
  • Permission Set Groups: Permission Set Groups with this permission Set

The Authorization Box contains the functionality to manage permission sets at the lowest level. The permission sets can be found by following the next path in the Authorization Box: Authorization Framework > Permission Management > Permission Sets.

This page shows all the available permissions sets from the connected Dynamics environment. Also there are several columns with useful information about the permission sets. These columns shows the Type, Extension Name, No. Of linked Users and No. Of linked Organization Roles.

The permission set can be modified in the Authorization Box likewise as in Dynamics. Click on the edit button to do so. This only applies to User-defined permission sets.

By opening the permission set, you will be notice there are two tabs. The Header and the tab Objects. The permission set contains Dynamics objects. The Authorization Box gives you the possibility to add or change an individual object within the permissions set and change immediately.

Click on New in the Objects tab, this opens a new screen. Click on Type to select which type of object you want to to add.

After selecting the Type, it is necessary to search the specific object.

Use the dropdown and scroll or search for the object. This lookup shows all objects from the connected Dynamics environment. If you select an Id, automatically the field Name will be filled.

If the specific object is selected, choose the applicable type of authorization (direct or indirect). Apply these to the different authorizations (Read, Insert, Modify and Delete).

Click on Save & Close to insert the authorizations in the permission set.

If you want to modify only a permission set, click on the edit or remove button. Be aware that after clicking remove results immediately the object from the permission set will be deleted, there is not a confirmation popup!

After clicking on edit, a new screen will open.

Make the changes and click on Save & Close.

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