Work with Organization Roles

To create a new Organization Chart open in the menu Authorization Framework, Organization Chart and click on the button New.

You can enter the name of the Organization Chart in the field Organization Chart Name.

Click on Save & Close to save the Organization Chart.

After this you are able to open the Organization Chart by clicking on the Name.


On the page Organization Chart you are able to define the Departments and Organization Roles:

  • With the add icon you will add a new Department under the existing one.
  • With the edit icon you can change the name of the Department.
  • Wit the remove icon you can delete the Department.

Organization Roles

Organization Roles are linked to Departments. You are able to add the Organization Roles to the Department by clicking on the icon Add a new Organization Role.

For example the Organization Role Controller linked to the Financial Department.

  • Name: Enter the Name of the Organization Role
  • Business Central Profile: Select the Business Central Profile for this Organization Role (not required)
  • Number of approvers authorization request: The number of approvers that are needed to get an authorization request approved and processed. The default number is set in the Approval settings (under Setup in the menu) in the field 'Default number of approvers for Authorization Requests'.

Save the new Organization Role with the Save & Close button. After saving the Organization Role you can activate the option 'Specific approvers authorization request'. With this you are able to link specific approvers for this Organization Role.

Specific approvers authorization requests

With the setting 'Specific approvers authorization request' active you are able to add specific approvers for Authorization Requests with this Organization Role in it.

Save the option. After this it is possible to add the Specific approvers with the New button under that fasttab.

Approver: Select the Approver for the Organization Role

Approval Type: Select the Approval Type

With the button Save & Close you save the specific approver

Organization Role Permission Sets

After linking an Organization Role to a Department you have to add the Permission sets to it. You add a Permission Set or Permission Set Group wit the button New under the fasttab Permission Sets.

A new page pops up where you can add the Permission Set or Permission Set Groups.

  • Type: Select the type Permission Set or type Permission Set Group that you want to select
  • Permission Set: Select the Permission Set or Permission Set Group to link them to the Organization Role. In the selection part you can select more sets or groups and Save them
  • Start date / End date: Specify the dates for the Permissions. This is not required
  • Applies to all companies: Select this option when the Permission should apply to all Companies even when the Organization Role is assigned to a user for a specific company. This setting overrules the linked company in an authorization request.

With the Authorization box you are able to export the Organization Structure to Excel. Later on (after modifications) it is possible to import this in the same environment or another (new) environment.

  • Export Structure: Export to Excel results in a file with two sheets:
    1. PermissionSets with all the PermissionSets in the database and in the header the Organization Roles from the Organization Chart. In this sheet you are able to make modifications in the cells and import these changes later on.
    2. Users with all the Users in the database and in the header the Organization Roles from the Organization Chart. In this sheet you can assign Users to Organization Roles or revoke Organization Roles.
  • Import Permission Sets per Organization Role: Import from Excel sheet PermissionSets. Select the right file and click on Import. Permission Sets will be assigned or withdrawn from Organization Roles.

  • Depending on the Approval setting 'Number of approvers for Organization Roles', changed roles get the status Processed (no approval needed) or Waiting tot Approved (approval needed).
  • Import Users per Organization Role: Import from Excel sheet Users. Select the right file and click on Import. Organization Roles will be assigned and or withdrawn from Users.
  • Depending on the setting Number of approvers authorization request on the Organization Role, the system will process the new authorizations or creates new Authorization Requests for this.

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