How to: Record a Permission Set

The recording of permission sets makes it possible within Authorization Box to add new permissions within your Business Central environment.
If you want to include a new permission set, open Authorization Framework - Record Permission Set.

Beforehand there are a number of things that are important to set up or have at your disposal:

  • Super rights to your “test account”.
  • Recording starting and stopping does not only take place within the Authorization Box. You must have your Dynamics environment with the compliance module of 2-Control at hand to start recording here too.
  • Optional: Two Dynamics accounts - one to start recording and one to perform the steps.
  • To record a permission set, you must first start recording in Dynamics and select the user whose steps you want to record. To start a recording follow the steps below:

1. In the menu, search for ‘Compliance’ and open the arrow.

2. You can then click on ‘Security’.

3. Authorization Box appears in the dropdown menu and you click on this.

Another way to consult the Compliance module is to type the word “Compliance” into the search bar at the top right of your Business Central environment.


When you select compliance you will see the overview below. Under the “Security” button, click on Authorization Box.

Then the “Record Session” task appears. The recording screen appears when you click on this.

Follow the steps below to start a recording:

1. Click on the arrow under “Record Session ID

2. A screen opens with all available users that you can record. Here you choose the user who will go through the steps during recording.

3. If you have selected the right user, click on the Start button.

The recording in Business Central has now started, for now you don’t have to do anything in this environment. You must now switch to your Authorization Box environment.

In Authorization Box, click on Authorization Framework - Record Permission Set.

You can now select the user whose actions you want to record in Business Central. If you find an incorrect user or no user at all, this may have the following reasons:

  • You have already opened the screen before the recording in Business Central started. You need to refresh the screen to make user(s) visible.
  • You have not started recording yet in Business Central. You must first complete the previous step.

You will then arrive in the screen below:

You will first see the user name that you clicked on in the previous step. Record Session shows the date and time of the recording you started in Business Central. Under Permission set to record, enter the name and description of the permission set. In addition, you can choose what you want for the rights to include: Read, Insert, Modify, Delete and Execute.

2-Control generally chooses Insert, Modify and Delete by recording permission sets.

To clean up permission sets, you can choose the set from the dropdown menu to ensure that pages and reports from permission sets are filtered and only remains the usable tabledata. An example of a permission set that can be filtered is: 2C-GEN-ALL.

Exception: A field that is not used every time is “Modify Existing Permission Set”. You can check this if an permission set is included incorrectly or incompletely. You can choose to completely overwrite an existing set or supplement it with new tabledata.

You will see the following buttons at the bottom of the screen:

  • Start: To start recording
  • Stop: To end the recording
  • Test: Test recording
  • Delete current recording: To delete the recording data immediately
  • Back: To select another user you want to record
  • Cancel: To exit the recording screen

When you have stopped recording you will see the screen below. You can see the details of all the tabledata that was added to the permission set during recording. With the button “Save and New” you can save the current recording and immediately start a new recording. If you don’t want a new permission set recording, click on ‘’Close recording session’’

If you have closed the recording session in Authorization Box you will return to your Business Central environment. By clicking on the “Stop” button, your recording will now also be closed here.

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