How to: Create an Organization Structure

To create an Organization Structure go to Authorization Framework > Organization Chart. Here you find a overview of all created Organization Charts. Here you can create a new Chart. There is also the option to export or import the existing Organization Charts to Excel by clicking on Export/Import.

To create a new Organization Chart click new. Firstly, you need to give the Organization Chart a name. In most cases this will be the organization name. But, you can create multiple Organization Charts for multiple purposes. After you filled out the name click on Save & Close. Automatically you return to the Organization Chart overview screen and the new Chart is add to the overview.

The Organization chart is now created, but it is still empty. To add departments click on the Organization Chart in the overview screen. Now opens the Chart where you can add departments and roles.

To change the Department name, click on the edit button in the middle. Click on + (above the line left)toadd a new department and click x to remove an department.

Organization Roles are linked to Departments. You are able to add the Organization Roles to the Department by clicking on the icon Add a new Organization Role .

A new fill in screen opens

  1. Give a name to the new Organization Role
  2. Select ProfileId, if necessary
  3. Tick the box if necessary
  4. You can choose the number of approvers. The number of approvers that are needed to get an authorization request approved and processed.

After you finished the form click on Save & Close. In the next screen you can add/delete permission sets to the role, you have an overview of all specific approvers and a overview of all users with this particularly Organization Role.

You can return to the Organization Chart overview by clicking Close or you can click on Approval request to go to the approval requests. Click on Change Log Entries for an overview of all changes of this particular Organization Role. This is how to create an organization structure.

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