How to: Migrate Authorizations

During the implementation of the Authorization Box more environments are used. Building Permission Sets and testing is normally done in a test environment. Acceptance in the accept environment and go live with the production environment. It is possible to migrate the Authorizations and setup to a different environment. This involves Dynamics NAV/Dynamics 365 BC and the Authorization Box database connection.

To migrate the authorizations and the setup you can follow the steps below. The steps describe a migration from a test environment to the production environment.

1. Export the Permission Sets

  • Create a RapidStart package for the Permission Sets and Permissions. For version 2016 and 2017 these are tables 2000000004 and 2000000005. Export this package;

2. Export the Field and Dataset Security (if applicable) via Compliance/Security/Field and Dataset Security Import/export Field and Dataset Security settings;

3. Check the numbering that is used:

4. Export the Mandatory Field Settings (if applicable) via Compliance/Control/Mandatory Fields Export/Import Mandatory Field Settings;

5. Check the numbering that is used for Mandatory Fields:

6. Make a backup from the test environment via Setup, Backups, Export and select what you want to export:

7. Make an export from the Organization Chart via Authorization Framework, Organization Chart and Press on the Export/Import button next to the Organization Chart Name and then Export Structure for an export with Permissions Sets per Organization Role and Users per Organization Role. The assumption is that all users have the correct permissions in the test environment.

8. Import the Permission Sets by importing the package from step 1 containing the Permission Sets and Permissions. First the Permission Sets (Select line, Functions, Apply data), then the Permissions (Select line, Functions, Apply data). In Dynamics 365 BC you can use the Import functionality from the Permission Sets;

9. Remove all Field, Dataset Security and mandatory Fields if a if applicable. This is only necessary if adjustments have been made to this;

10. Check if the number series (see step 3 and 6) exist in this new environment;

11. Import the Field and Dataset Security settings;

12. Review the number series for Field and Dataset security. Make sure the Last No. used matches the highest number used in the Field and Dataset security;

13. Import the Mandatory Fields Settings;

14. Review the number series for Mandatory Fields. Make sure the Last No. used matches the highest number used.

15. Make sure you have a working connection with the production database;

16. Setup the Approval settings and Approvers. For the import of the initial structure we recommend to process the changes without approval;

17. Check the Permission Sets via Authorization Framework, Permission Management, Permission Sets;

18. Import the backup via Setup, Backups, Import and select the file from step 5:

19. Check the Organization Chart;

20. Check whether the Permission Sets are linked to the Organization Roles;

21. Check the setting ‘Default overwrite Current Permissions’ via Setup, General, Edit. With this setting users will only get permissions bases on the assigned Organization Role. Make sure the correct users keep SUPER!

22. Import the Users per Organization Role. Use the file from step 6. Note: In both environments the users and the companies must be the same;

23. Check the processed Authorization Requests;

24. Change the approval settings if required.

25. Check which accounts have SUPER via Authorization Framework, Permission Management, Permission Sets and search for SUPER. Open SUPER to review the linked Users an linked Organization Roles;

26. Check whether all users exits in the Authorization Box via User Management, Users, column Exists only in Dynamics;

27. Check some users in the Dynamics database;

28. Check the authorizations on company;

29. Check whether all Mandatory fields and the Field and Dataset securities are active (start date in the past and no end date);

30. Check the User Personalization’s (RTC profile and client language), User setup (authorization, posting from/ to, etc.) and Warehouse Employees where applicable.

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