How to: Create a Company Group

You are able to define Company Groups. A group consists of one or more companies. In an Authorization Request you can assign an Organization Role to a User for a specific Company or Company Group. To add a Company Group you go to the menu Authorization Framework, Company Groups and click on the button New.

  • Company Group name: Enter the name of the Company Group
  • Details: Enter some details for this Group

Click on Save & Close to Save the Company Group.

After saving the Company Group you have to select the companies that are part of the group. Click under the header Companies on New.

  • Name: Select the Companies that belong to the Group. You can select more Companies at once.

Click on Save & Close to Save the selected Companies to the Group. These steps are related to a non-approval scenario.

Approval scenario

If you activated and selected approvals for managing company groups and companies. The following screen occurs instead the first few of this section. After adding a company to a company group it is required to click the button “Send Approval Request” and navigate to “Request for approval” and approve this request.

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