Work with Users

Users can be consulted and managed in the Users tab within User Management. This list contains all current users from the Business Central and Authorization Box environment. The overview contains the columns: User Name, Name, Windows Group, Doesn't exist in NAV, Exists only in NAV, Activated in NAV and Default overwrite Current Permissions.

With the edit button you can change the setting Default overwrite Current Permissions. When this is activated the user will only get permissions bases on the asigned Organization Roles in the Authorization Box. Click on Save & Close to save the setting.

Press on the User Name to open the User details. In the header of this page you have the button New Authorization request to create a new request and the button Synchronize User. If permissions in Dynamics NAV are not in sync you can synchronize the user with this button.

Under fasttab Organization Roles you see the assigned Organization Roles and the linked Permission Sets. Permission Sets that are assigned directly (in Business Central) are shown in red and marked with the field Directly assigned.

Under fasttab Authorization Requests you see the Authorization Requests created for the user. By pressing the Magnifier button you open the details from that Authorization Request.

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