Work with Authorization Requests

You have to create an Autorization Request to assign or revoke an organization role to a user. To create a new authorization request open User Management > Authorization Requests . In this screen you can creat new requests or delete request. You can delete requests when they have the status canceled or new. But, press the New button to create a new Autorisation Request.

  • NAV User: Select in this field an existing NAV User. After selecting the User the field Username and Full Name will be filled*
  • Windows User: Select in this field a Windows User. The Authorization Box will create this User in Dynamics NAV*
  • Username: Enter a username to create a new Dynamics NAV User (NAVUserPassword)*
  • Full Name: Enter the Full Name for the new Dynamics NAV User

Click on Save for the next steps in the Authorization Requests.

In the Authorization Request header you are able to set some options:

  • Deactivate user: Activate this option to deactivate an existing User in Dynamics NAV
  • Overwrite current Permissions: If the existing Business Central user already has Permissions, the system will overwrite them with the permissions based on the assigned Organization Roles in the Authorization Box.

It is also possible to add a Note to the Authorization Request. This will be visible in the Request for approval.

Press on the Save button to save the changes you made so far.

If approval is enabled by default or for this specific function, you can Send Approval Request or Cancel Request for approval by the responsible officer.

If approval is not enabled, you can process the request by clicking Process.

You can assign an Organization Role to the User. Click on the button New under the fasttab Organization Role:

  • Organization Role: Select the Organization Role that you want to assign to the user.Only Organization Roles in state Processed are available.
  • Start Date: Enter a Start Date and an End Date. When you do not fill the Start Date the system will use today as Start Date. When you enter another date the Authorization Request will be processed on that date with Start time based on the Synchronization Template
  • Company Group: Select the Company Group if you only want to assign the rights only to Companies in that Group
  • Company: Select the Company if you only want to assign the rights to that Company

Click on the button Save & Close to save the Organization Role to the Authorization Request. Click on the button Save & New to save the Organization Role and add another one.

It is possible to edit the new Organization Role. You are also able to delete the new Organization Role.

If one ore more Organization Roles are already assigned to a User, you are able to revoke them with an Authorization Request. In a new Authorization Request you can press the Press the Revoke button (x) next to the Organization Role that you want to revoke:

After entering the End Date and saving this the state of the line will be ´To be deleted´.

As soon as the Approval Request is complete you have to send this for Approval. This is only needed if the number of approvers is not 0 (zero) for the Organization Roles in the Authorization Request. Otherwise the process button is already available on the Authorization Request. With this action Authorisation Request will be directly processed and Permissions linked to the user in Business Central. If approval is needed press the button “Sent Approval Request”. After this the state of the request will be Waiting to be Approved. It is possible to Cancel the Approval request with the button “Cancel approval request”so you can make changes in the Authorization Request. With the button Cancel request the whole Authorization Request will be cancelled. When an authorization request for an organization role is rejected the new permission set will get the status “Reject”. After processing the organizational role the sets will be deleted.

The processing the Authorization Request is performed in the background. It is therefore possible that the result is not immediately visible in the Authorization Box. If changes have been processed, the system creates a synchronization log record. This shows the basis on which the synchronization took place (for example an authorization request) and for which user this was done.

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