How to: Create an Authorization Request

You have to create an Autorization Request to assign or revoke an Organization Role to an user. To create a new Authorization Request: open User Management - Authorization Requests. Press the New button to create a new Autorization Request. If you select the specific user, the field Username and Full Name will be automatically filled. Click on Save to save this request. In this example we are going to change the Organization Role of the Testuser.

After saving the Authorization Request you will be prompted with the next window. In this window you are able to define the Authorization Request. You can change several settings in the fasttabs User and Organization Role.

In the first fasttab it is possible to change the status of the user and Profile ID. In this example we change the Profile ID from Inkoper (system) to Inkoper (Tenant). Click on Save to proceed.

Changing the Organization Role is the next step. Users can have multiple Organization Roles. In this example we revoke the current Organization Role and change it to Inkoopmanager. You can revoke the current Organization Role by clicking on the blue mark.

The fasttab Permission Sets already assigned shows the current Permissions Sets of the user. you can't change anything in this fasttab.

The final step is confirming the Authorization Request. This step depends on your Approval settings.

  • If approval is required: Click on Send approval request and save.

  • If Approval is not required: Click on Process.

After processing the Authorization Request you can check the usercard.

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