Work with Conflicts

With Conflicts you can define which Critical Permissions conflict with each other. Click on the button New under fasttab Conflicting Permissions to link a Conflicting Critical Permission.

  • Conflict with: Filled with the Critical Permission that you are editing
  • Conflicting Critical Permission: Select the other Critical Permission to create the Conflict
  • Company: select the company in which this conflict applies
  • Impact: select the impact of the Conflict
  • Risk: Describe the risk of the conflict

Click on Save & Close to save the new Conflict.

It is also possible to setup the conflicts from the menu. Go in the menu to Monitoring, Conflicts, New to define the Conflicts.

You can Analyze the Critical Permissions by selecting them all or just a few. If you want to select them all, click on the box in the header.

Click on the button Analysis. Based on the selection the system will Analyze the permissions. This can take some time. When the analysis is finished you can find the results in the overview. By clicking on the number of results or clicking on the name of the Critical Permission, you open the Analysis result for the Critical Permission and the Analysis result for the Conflicting Critical Permissions.

Analysis results in Conflicting Critical Permissions are based on defined Conflicts. Results are from the type Permission Set, Organization Role or User.

  • Permission Set: the Conflicting Permissions are found in the Permission Set
  • Organization Role: the Conflicting Permissions are found in Permission Sets that are linked to the Organization Role.
  • User: the User is authorized for the objects that are difined in the Conflict

The review of the Conflicting Critical Permissions can be done from the results linked to the Critical permission or from the overview Analysis Results Conflicting Permissions in the menu Monitoring, Analysis Results. It is possible to review one conflict or you can make a selections of conflicts that you want to review at once.

In the menu Monitoring, Reviews you can find all Reviews. You are able to delete reviews (with the right permissions). Select the Reviews (check box) to be deleted and click on the button Delete.

If you want you can make an export to Excel with the button Export.

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