How to: Evaluate Findings

After an initial analysis you will find the results with status To review or Agree configuration. Agree configuration means that based on the setup (Allowed Organization Roles) the result has no risk. If you have a lot of analysis results, it is an option to first analyze which Organization Roles are allowed and then link them to the Critical Permission. After a new analyze more results will have the status Agree configuration and less To review.

You can evaluate the findings for Critical Permissions and Conflicts. for evaluating Critical Permissions go to Monitoring > Analysis Results > Critical Permissions. You are able to add your review by clicking on the eye button next to the Analysis Result.

In the next screen you can review the Critical Permission.

  • Previous Review: status based on the last review
  • Review: select a status for this review. If you just want to leave a comment you can select the last review status
  • Description: to substantiate your review
  • Reviewer: person who entered the review
  • Review data/time: moment of entering the review

Click on the button Save & Close to save the review.

It is also possible to review multiple analysis results at once. You do this by selecting the analysis results you want to review and then click on the button Review. you can also select all Critical permissions at once by checking the box in the blue banner. On the page Review Analysis Results or Critical Permissions (Monitoring > Analysis Results > Critical Permissions) you can enter the review for multiple results at once:

  1. Select the results you wish to give the same review
  2. Click the button Review
  3. Review the Permission in the same way as explained earlier. The results for which you enter the review are presented at the bottom of the page.

Click on the button Save & Close to save the review.

To find all the analysis results for all the Critical Permission go to the menu Monitoring > Reviews from where you can review results.

The review of the Conflicting Critical Permissions can be done in the same way as for Critical Permissions. Go to Monitoring > Analysis Results > Conflicts. From here you can choose to review one or multiple conflicts. If you click on the eye button the conflict will be opened.

In the menu Monitoring > Reviews you can find all Reviews. You are able to delete reviews (with the right permissions). Select the Reviews (check box) to be deleted and click on the button Delete.

If you want you make an export to Excel with the button Export.

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