Setup Continuous Monitoring

To use Continuous Monitoring for a database, follow these steps to correctly set up your database connection:

  1. When logged on to the Authorization Box, go to setup > general (note: you need the application manager function profile in the Authorization Box to access this menu)
  2. Click Databases and select the database where you want to set up Continuous Monitoring for by clicking the database name;
  3. Select use Continuous Monitoring and save;

You manually define of which Critical Permissions you want to receive notifications, so first decide which Critical Permissions are so critical that you want to receive notifications when these permissions are granted in Microsoft Dynamics.

When you have chosen a Critical Permission;

  1. When logged on to the Authorization Box, go to Monitoring > Critical Permissions and click the chosen Critical Permission;
  2. Click Edit in the top bar;
  3. Scroll down and click new in the Subscribers Continuous Monitoring section;
  4. Choose the user you want to subscribe to this Critical Permission and choose the frequency and save. Frequency options are:
  • Direct (as soon possible. Also see Frequent analysis);
  • Daily;
  • Weekly;
  • Monthly

The user will now receive notifications or e-mails when the analysis result of the Critical Permission differs from the last time the analysis for Continuous Monitoring was executed. For instance, when the frequency was set to daily, Continuous Monitoring will notify or e-mail you when there are users, permission sets or organisation roles that have gotten access to the Critical Permission in question during the past day.

The notification or e-mail contains analysis results with the following information:

  • Analysis date
  • Critical Permission (including a hyperlink to the Critical Permission in Authorization Box)
  • Conflicting Critical Permissions
  • Type (User, permission set or organisation role)
  • Name and description
  • Company

You can subscribe an unlimited amount of Authorization Box users to up to 5 different Critical Permissions. Upgrade the number of Critical Permissions as your business and Microsoft Dynamics environment grows.

Frequent Analysis

When you would like to receive notifications more often than once a day, Continuous Monitoring can be upgraded with Frequent Analysis. With Frequent analysis you can respond faster to illegit changes in authorizations.

The frequency of analysis can be determined in consultation with a 2-Control administrator.

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