Setup Permission Sets

After setting up a field validation, field, filter or action security for a specific permission set, it needs to be assigned to user(s) in order to work.

  1. Search for Users in the top right search box on the main Dynamics 365 Financials role centre.
  2. Select the user account of which you want to modify the permission sets and choose Edit in the ribbon.
  3. On the undermost tab Permission Set, create a new line and enter the permission set you want to assign.
  4. To remove any permission set select the line, choose the option in the right mouse menu.

Check whether the permission set 2C-FIELD SEC USE is present. This is required for use of the extension Compliance Field Security. Remember to add this permission set to any new user account you create, otherwise the extension gives an error.

  1. Repeat this for any user you want to assign the permission set(s) to.
  2. Changes in field, filter and action securities are active after the user logs out and logs in again.

Keep in mind that you need an account with SUPER-permissions to assign and remove permission sets to users.

Alternatively, the SECURITY permission set might also be assigned if you have ALL permissions you assign yourself. However, for ease of administration we strongly recommend to administer authorizations using SUPER.

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