Setup Table Relations

Table relations tell the extension Field Validation how two tables in Business Central are related. Based upon default Business Central we supply table relations, which you can use and examine as example for creating one yourself.

Follow these steps to create a table relation.

  1. Choose the Search field in the top right corner and search for Table Relations List.
  2. On the list of table relations click New.
  3. Fill the fields as necessary on the header of the table Relation:
    1. The field is populated as set up in the number series if Manual Nos. are disabled.
    2. Enter two table numbers by selecting the AssistEdit button and choose the table from the list, or enter the id manually. The top field contains the number for which you want to set up the field validation. The second field holds the number of the table to use as the source for validation.
  4. The lines are populated with the field(s) linking the tables (database terminology: primary key).
  5. Optionally you can limit the number of records from the table to be validated, e.g. only items with a certain posting group or sales prices for all customers.
    1. Click on the Condition at the end of the line, open the AssistEdit list of fields of the table holding fields you want to validate select the field you wish to use for filtering. Alternatively you can enter the field id.
    2. In the field Filter enter the value you want to filter on.
    3. Click Close to confirm the set up of the condition.
  6. Now you can use the table relation in any field validation or filter security.
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