How to: Create an Action Security

Using action securities, you can exclude permission for certain actions from users. Action security works by taking away authorizations, contrary to field and filter security.


Rental company RentCo wants to limit permissions to approve documents to a limited number of users. Five users need permission to approve purchase orders, while only two users are allowed to approve purchase invoices and credit memos. Users not allowed to these documents, do need permission to edit, approve and post other purchase documents.

Purchase documents are stored in tables Purchase Header (no. 38) and Purchase Line (no. 39). Because Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central only supports authorization for complete tables, RentCo implements the extension Compliance Field Security. This extension enables you to take away authorization to perform actions from users, irrespective of object authorizations in permission sets and without the need for customizations or modification of user approval setup.

  • Extension Compliance Field Security is installed and setup is completed

This walkthrough shows how to create the action security to authorize document approval to a limited group of users.

1. Choose the Search field in the top right corner and search for Action Security List.

2. Filter the list on approve. The page presents any action on any page which adheres to approve in default Dynamics 365 Business Central. In this walkthrough we focus on purchase orders, invoices and credit memos.

3.Select the line with page name Purchase Inovoice and action name Approve. Choose the button Assigned Permission Sets. The window Permission Set per Action Security opens.

  • Click New to create a new line.
  • Choose the AssitEdit button on the line to open the list of Permission Sets.
  • Click New to create a new permission set. Using a new permission set enables you to block invoice approval per user. Choose an logical name and use the field Description for a further clarification.Keep in mind that you cannot modify the permission set (the first field on the line) once entered. The field name can be changed any time.
  • Click OK to confirm the selection.
  • Click Close to confirm this setup. The Action Security List is displayed again.

4. Do the same for the actions Approve on the pages purchase order and purchase Credit Memo. You achieve maximum flexibility by creating unique permission sets for approval of each document type.

5.Close the Action Security List.

​​​​​​​7.The action security becomes active after the assigned permission set is assigned to a user account(s). Assign the permission sets to users who do not need to approve any purchase orders, purchase invoices or purchase credit memos.Keep in mind that action security takes authorizations away from the user account.

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