Setup Field Validation

Follow the next steps to get you started after installing the extension Compliance Field Validation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

1. Start the wizard Compliance Field Validation to finish the configuration, either by clicking on the link in the notification, search for Compliance Field Security Setup Wizard or through Assisted Setup.

  • During the trial period you are limited to concurrent three field validations.
  • If you do not see the message from the screenshot the extension is already set up.

2. The setup wizard for the extension opens. Fill out the form for registration. You can start using a trial license and upgrade if you are satisfied .

3. The wizard confirms the successful registration. Click Next to continue.

4. Create or select a number series. These will be used for unique identification of field validation setup. If the extension is already set up, the wizard will use the configuration present. Refer to Field Validation Setup to see and adjust the current setup.

5. You can continue the wizard to set up a field validation or abort the wizard using the cross on the top right and open the Field Validations List.

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