Field Validation App

This module contains shared objects and functionality with other modules we are currently developing. For use (and on premise compilation) of Compliance Field Security is required for compiling and use of, both as objects and in the license. The module comes with no additional costs and is by default attached to any Compliance Field Security installation on Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Default Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers no functionality to enforce business rules and enhance data quality in the system. When creating new items, customers and suppliers, it is important that fields such as booking groups, valuation method and payment conditions are correctly filled in. Managing master data yourself can be very time consuming, but for a correct processing of (internal) orders it is important that the master data is correct.

With the extension Compliance Field Validation the quality of your internal information processing will be enhanced. For every table (default, partner or customization) you can determine requirements of field values entered. Depending on the setting, the user will receive a warning or an error.

Segregation of duties in Microsoft Dynamics requires a flexible, solid and detailed authorization system. Authorizations need to be set up on a detailed level, customized for your organization. By refining the authorizations to field-, dataset- and action level, users are able to take responsibility for their executed tasks.

The Field Security extension is the solution for implementing 'waterproof' segregation of duties on a more detailed level offered by only permission sets.

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