Compliance Apps

Compliance for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you the extend security and control.Currently we offer two modules:

  • Field Security: extend permission sets to authorize individual fields, parts of tables (split by filtering) and actions. Permission sets are limited to read, insert, modify, delete and execute. Field Security extends this to visibility and modification for individual fields, records and actions on any object.
  • Field Validation: enforce business rules and enhance data quality by validating field values upon user entry. Set up flexible requirements for validation of values entered by users. Users receive detailed error messages with optionally a custom message, e.g. to detail feedback.

Additionally, we have the Compliance Essentials app which contains shared objects with our extensions Compliance Field Security and Compliance Field Validation. For use (and on premise compilation) of our extensions Compliance Field Security and Compliance Field Validation it is required for compiling and use of, both as objects and in the license. The module comes with no additional costs and is by default attached to any of our 2-Control Compliance extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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