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Microsoft Dynamics' ERP solutions are intelligent and user-friendly, but often these solutions do not offer functionality to properly manage and monitor the security and reliability of your business processes.

With our software, we offer user-friendly functionality for the complete authorization cycle: designing, building, managing and monitoring authorizations in Microsoft Dynamics. This allows you to be compliant and risk conscious. This way you are in control of your internal organization and you can offer assurance to your auditors.

2-Control's (online) software consists of 3 products categories (of which 1 is our legacy software):

  • Authorization Box
  • Compliance Apps
  • 2-Controlware (legacy)

Authorization Box is designed and developed by IT-auditors for application management and control professionals and provides a manageable and controllable authorization environment for Dynamics. With our cloud solution, time-consuming and complex authorization processes belong to the past.

The following topics for the Authorization Box are included in this help documentation:

  • Get Started and Setup
  • Work with the Authorization Framework
  • Work with User Management
  • Work with Monitoring
  • Work with Continuous Monitoring

The standard Dynamics 365 Business Central authorization functionality is limited, which often prevents you from setting up the desired level of segregation of duties. With our Compliance Field Security app you can optimize the standard permissions structure at field, filter and action level, which greatly improves the security and internal control of your Dynamics 365 Business Central application. With this functionality you can restrict modification or visibility of fields or data filters in certain tables and restrict actions from being executed for specific permission sets.

Are you also struggling to control the quality of your master data and are you encountering errors in your processes on a regular basis as a result? Maintaining high quality of data is very important for streamlined processes. The Field Validation app allows you to set up business rules for your data quality. User input is validated against the business rules you have set up to ensure that your data complies and can be used in future processes without issues.

The following topics for the Compliance Apps are included in this help documentation:

  • Get Started and Setup
  • Work with the Field Security App
  • Work with the Field Validation App

To establish complete segregation of duties in Dynamics 365 Business Central authorizations need to be set up on a level of detail that is not supported by the limited standard authorization functionality. The Field Security add-on offers functionality to refine authorizations to field- and dataset level. With our add-on restrictions to modify or view only the fields and records users are responsible can be established. In addition, accurate data is important for an efficient and complete flow of information. By using the Mandatory fields add-on inDynamics 365 Business Central, you can set-up custom business rules to validate the user input, resulting in high quality master data and therefore no issues in information processing.

The following topics for 2-Controlware are included in this help documentation:

  • Get Started and Setup
  • Work with Authorization Management
  • Work with Authorization Monitoring
  • Work with Field- and Dataset Security
  • Work with Authorization Management Pro
  • Work with Mandatory Fields
  • Work with Cost Allocation
  • Work with Inventory Reconciliation
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